Ugo Ravanelli


Ugo Ravanelli

After obtaining a diploma as a qualified industrial chemist in Cremona and sitting some examinations in the faculty of law at Milan State University, he began his professional career in September 1973, with Diversey S.p.A., a member company of a North American multinational group, with offices in Milan, trading in the sector of the manufacture of detergents and disinfectants for industrial, agricultural and catering use. Here he held various positions, initially technical and later commercial, until becoming (in 1982) Central Marketing Director responsible for connections with the regional (Europe and Middle East) headquarters in London. Various advanced educational courses followed (e.g. Marketing Research at Luiss with Prof. Nicola Piepoli).

In 1985 he entered the STAR group of Agrate Brianza (Food Products), firstly in the position of Marketing Manager of the non-domestic Catering/Food Service Division (Business Unit) then Sales Manger of the same division and lastly, in the last two year (until December 1992), Manager of the BU with connection with the corresponding division of the associated company Starlux (Spain).

In January 1993 he joined MARR, moving with his family to Rimini, as Operations Manager and Sales Manager, a position he held until July 1995, when he assumed the role of Managing Director and General Manager of the company. From 1995 to November 2015, he continually held the position of Board Member and Managing Director and/or President of MARR SpA, listed in Milan Stock Exchange’s STAR segment, in June 2005. As well as managing of MARR’s listing, he participated in that of group leader Cremonini and, in the context of the managed company, also followed two operations of Private Placement, a USPP and numerous M&A activities.

In November 2015, after having organized the plans for his succession and having acquired the right to retiral some months before, he left the position with MARR.

Several collaborations followed in various companies in the context of specific organization, development and corporate reorganization projects also connected with IPO (e.g. the listing of NDT - Neodercotech of the Valentini Group on the AIM). In that period, he also held the position of General Manager of Rimini Fiera S.p.A. for several months.

In April 2017 he was nominated Independent Board Member of MARR from the list presented by the Majority Shareholder (Cremonini), also holding the positions of President of the Control and Risks Committee and member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee.